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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Fahrenheit 9/11

First of all, you should see it, regardless of your political beliefs. It's very well done and isn't the official assassination of Bush that many would have you believe. Granted, it doesn't help Bush at all, but a lot of the facts that are brought up are already public knowledge. If you didn't know that the Bushes were hairline-deep in Saudi money, then you didn't know the Bushes.

The biggest thing in the film that made me think, "Huh, Wha?" is when there are clips from early in 2001 of people in the Administration, like Powell and Condi Rice saying that Hussein did not posses WMD, nor did he have the capabilities. As you know, their tune changed quite dramatically when they got a reason to go to war (9/11). And it makes everything that Richard Clarke said hold more water.

The greatest impact the film has, though, are the people most affected by the war. The soldiers in Iraq; both in what they have to say and in the images from war that you won't see many other places. The Iraqis outside their bombed homes. And a mother. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. If you are not truly affected by this woman, you are a robot or a terrorist.

And the fact that Michael Moore keeps himself off the camera for most of it is a welcomed change.

There is too much in the film to ignore. No matter how much you believe in Bush, if you don't walk away with questions about our leader(s), I'd be a little worried about you. This is not a Democrat vs. Republican type thing. It's about not swallowing everything you are fed (like Britney Spears seems content to do... you should see the movie just for her brilliant quote).

I've seen a lot of debate on whether this will change anyone's mind as far as who they will vote for. I think if you haven't decided by now, then this could mkae a change. More importantly, though, this movie can motivate people who wouldn't normally vote to actually go out and vote.

Some of the film doesn't really work. The Oregon State Police thing was just kind of there. And he goes too easy on the Democrats that didn't speak up until after the war started to go wrong.

When the movie was over I thought of that old joke where Wife asks Husband, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Husband replies, "No. Your ass does." With this film, you could ask, "Does this film make Bush look bad?" I, as your husband, would reply, "No. Bush makes Bush look bad."

It's no secret that I don't like Bush. I'm not a big Kerry fan either. My vote this year will be more of a vote against Bush than it is for Kerry. I'm not really proud of that, but it's all I can do right now. I just believe that this is a reckless Administration that has made America and the world a lot less safe.

The way politics has become so divided in this country is dangerous. The fact that people see only two sides is scary. If you are Republican - War Good! If you are Democrat - War bad! I love abortions!

It's ridiculous. I try to look at things logical, not what political side they fall on. And in the case of Iraq, we were given a bunch of lies and fear and the media ate it up and we regurgitated. Then we got, "Well, hey, I guess we were wrong about the WMDs. But Saddam was a bad man. The world is better off."

Fuck that. Most people supported the war because it was implied that there was an imminent threat against America. If we went after every bad man in the world, we'd be awfully busy. And there are actually worse men than Hussein.

Pro-Bushes are denouncing this movie calling it fascist and trite propaganda without having seen it. Of course it is propaganda, but it's not trite. I would love to see someone create a Bush film which counters this. There is just an attitude from the Right, that seems to be, "Look at the cute little Democrats. With their movies and their yelling. They really think they can make a difference." Please go see the movie, then come back with your arguments. You can't argue something you haven't seen. Don't dismiss it just because you already know you disagree with Michael Moore.

I need more than Saddam was a bad man. That doesn't make it worth it. And there are plenty of soldiers who have already come back and more that will come back asking the same questions. What the hell was this all about? Who was this for? Who benefits the most?

And if you don't believe that Bush went to war for oil, but that he really believed in the WMDs, you have to ask yourself now, "Was it worth it?" Would it have been worth it if we found stockpiles upon stockpiles of weapons? I suppose so and it would have been anti-war people with egg on their face. But really, what freedom did we defend? How are we safer when the majority of the world hates us?

Anyway, I'm sick of talking about this. Sorry for the ranting and for being all over the place. They don't pay me to write about politics.

Like the nice little white-haired lady in the movie said, "I'm done."

Sunday, May 16, 2004
I don't like talking about politics, especially here, because I don't want to sound like a whiny liberal, but sometimes things hit me, and I feel I have to.

Have you noticed that every day the White House or the Pentagon are denying something? These are not denials of "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." These are denials that go futher than a blow job. These are denials of abuse. War crimes. Consisitent. You can drum the "liberal media" drum all you want, but there are allegations from everyone in the media, with the exception of Hannity or Colmes, whichever one is the idiot. Oh wait. They are both idiots. Well, the Republican is the one I mean.

Anyway, I'm drunk and the thing is, these guys in our White House and the 'Gon are so fucking guilty. I'm convinced. There is just too much out there to deny it. Yet they deny everything that comes there way. They don't give reasons why they deny it, they just give some flippant "That's ridiculous" answer. I just wish Powell had the balls to come out and be honest.

Ah, fuck it. I'm drunk and I should go to bed.

Anyone but Bush. He's an asshole. He seems like a fun guy to drink with.

Larry Liberal

Monday, December 29, 2003
Oh my God I fucking hate everyone and everyone!!!!!!!!! Especially you! Death to all!!!!!

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